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Responding to the needs of refugees displaced by over 3 decades of conflict along the Myanmar Thai border, FilmAid Asia was set up as a registered charity in 2011 in Hong Kong, by a dedicated board of philanthropic business leaders and entrepreneurs. Supported by their generosity and an annual fundraising Power of Film Gala, FilmAid Asia’s Thailand programme has been able to serve nine refugee camps situated along the Thailand Myanmar border for over 8 years.

FilmAid Asia has now passed its operations to the Sermpanya Foundation which was registered in 2015 in Thailand to allow our FilmAid programmes to operate beyond the refugee camps and to include migrant communities, ethnic Thai Karen villages and cross border villages in Karen State, Myanmar.

FilmAid’s programme methodology is based on the operational model created by FilmAid International, the founding organisation which was set up by independent filmmakers in response to the refugee crisis in Kosovo in 1999. After two decades of innovation, FilmAid has become an international leader in sharing life-saving information and education to communities in need, providing skills training in the media arts and amplifying the voices of displaced youth by building confidence and hope in those who want to build a better future. FilmAid Kenya supports a comprehensive programme in the Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps in East Africa as well as projects in the slums in Nairobi. To meet the challenges of the future in a world where there are ever more refugees and displaced communities, FilmAid will be joining forces with Internews in 2020 giving a unique opportunity to widen FilmAid’s reach.

Using a community-based approach, Sermpanya Foundation provides refugees, migrants and other vulnerable populations with accessible education and information concerning their health, their safety, their rights, and raises awareness of issues which will protect and help improve their lives. Through video and digital media campaigns created and disseminated in collaboration with refugee communities, FilmAid Asia, through the Sermpanya Foundation has been able to reach over 150,000 refugees annually as well as over 8,000 students learning in Migrant Schools on the Thai Myanmar border. Media Training courses empower the refugees to learn film related skills which will allow them to create films with stories in their own voice and culture which can are then shared with their communities to raise awareness and provide education on important topics which will benefit their lives and bring hope as they face the future.

Operating at a primarily grassroots level Sermpanya Foundation is able to reach those who are living vulnerable lives by nuturing their talent and creativity and enabling us to achieve our mission to of sharing wisdom and encouraging knowledge in a language and culture that is readily accessible, understood and enjoyable.



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